Salt Brine

Salt Brine Mixing Station

Why use Salt Brine?
Using salt brine can provide additional time to respond to freezing precipitation.  In addition, the application of salt brine may reduce the need to call in employees on an overtime basis to treat bridges and overpasses that have a tendency to freeze or when small snow showers pass through the area overnight and leave a dusting on the roadways.

What is Salt Brine?
Salt Brine is simply sodium chloride (NaCl) and water (H2O) mixed together. The eutectic composition of sodium chloride & water is 23% NaCl and 77% H2O by weight, which freezes at about -21C (-6F).  When Salt Brine  is applied to roadways, it prohibits snow from building up.  Salt Brine can be applied up to two days before the snow falls, making it safer for snow plow drivers.  This allows municipalities to be proactive rather than reactive.  For more information on Salt Brine click here.

How does Salt Brine compare to Rock Salt?
Salt Brine has a few major advantages over Rock Salt.  The first advantage is that Salt Brine can be applied up to two days before the snow arrives.  This is obviously ideal as the plows don't need to be driving as often on the dangerous roadways once it starts to snow.  This also lessens, if not eliminates, the need to pay plow drivers overtime.  Another thing to note is that because Salt Brine is liquid, it doesn't get bounced around on the roadway while being spread and as cars drive over it like Rock Salt does. 

How does Salt Brine to Rock Salt in price?
The price of Salt Brine is about 50% less than that of Rock Salt.  This is one of the biggest selling points to Salt Brine.  Because of it's price, many municipalities currently use Salt Brine to pre-treat the roadways before it snows.  Pre-treating the roads with Salt Brine will inevitably cause the roads to need significantly less, if any, Rock Salt throughout the snowfall.

Where can I get salt brine?
There are many places which sell bulk Salt Brine, out favorite distributor being CTM Bulk Handlers.  The reason is price, customer service and availability.  They sell both Rock Salt and Salt Brine, making it your one stop shopping need.  Another thing we like about CTM is that they do Salt Brine installations.  Bring in your truck or trailer and they will install a custom sprayer installation for you.  For more information about custom installations click here.  CTM Bulk handlers can be reached at
(201) 825- 2828 or you can visit their website by clicking here.



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